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Post 3; Bruce McArthur Arrested For The Murder of Immigrants

We will examine the t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return of Bruce McArthur for Jan. 8, 2018.  This Return chart occurred just ten days prior to his arrest relating to the murders of Canadian immigrants.  In prior posts we have looked at his natal … Continue reading

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Bruce McArthur; His Mars and Venus Persona charts

In this rather long post I will be posting the natal chart which has now been set from ‘noon’ to 9:00 AM, plus we will look at a Mars-Persona chart and then a Venus-Persona chart. We start off where we … Continue reading

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Astrological Charting With Minimal Data

This Posting Series will introduce new-to-most-astrologers tools for exploring charts. A Toronto, Canada man, Bruce McArthur, was charged on Jan. 18, 2018 of murdering a local man, Andrew Kinsman.  Several murders or disappearances had been investigated earlier but were dropped … Continue reading

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Timothy McVeigh; Done And Over With.

The photo at the left is McVeigh after his conviction while being led away from court. The Bureau of Prisons transferred Timothy McVeigh to facilities at Terre Haute, Indiana where he would await and experience his execution by lethal injection.  … Continue reading

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Consequences:  Found Guilty, Sentenced

McVeigh went to trial in a Federal court and was found to be guilty of 11 counts of murder on June 2, 1997.  The eleven counts of murder related to the federal employees who were killed.  The many others killed … Continue reading

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McVeigh After The Bombing Of The Federal Building

McVeigh walked away from the van that he had packed with explosives, got into another vehicle and drove away.  At 9:02 AM, the bomb exploded, the van disappeared, and the whole face of the building crashed into the open area … Continue reading

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