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Ellen; Part 8. Essay On Viewing Charts Within The Context Of One’s Life

We have reviewed a number of charts for Ellen, some for Anne, and we may have lost sight of how these charts relate to their lives.  Context is the word to keep in mind.  In this post I will use … Continue reading

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Part 7; Anne Heche & Ellen Degeneres make an announcement

On April 30, 1997 Ellen Degeneres made an announcement about a very private situation — her love affair with actress Anne Heche which had been initiated a month earlier.  Celebrities often gain attention and notoriety for ordinary situations.  Not that … Continue reading

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Part 6: Anne Heche initiates an affair with Ellen Degeneres

After a bit of reading it appears that Anne initiated the love affair with Ellen, not the other way around.  On March 23, during the Oscar awards, Anne Heche met Ellen and immediately was strongly attracted to her even though … Continue reading

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Part 5: Ellen Makes A Public Declaration

On April 30th, 1997, some five weeks after her romantic affair with Anne Heche, Ellen made a public announcement about her feelings and her new love.   It was likely that Ellen had a lot to sort out about her … Continue reading

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Part 4: Ellen Commits To A New Love, A New Life Style

Ellen, like many celebrities, has been recognized many times for many achievements and events of lesser or greater importance.  In this photo she is shown at a ceremony for having her “star” in the famous Hollywood walk of fame.  Our chart for … Continue reading

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Ellen, Part 3: Love & A Changed Life

This post will be the first of three in a sub-set of chart reviews relating to Ellen’s year of 1997.  Her p.c. S/R chart of 1997 and two Progressed Daily Angles charts for later in the year will be shown … Continue reading

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The Sun Always Shines Sooner or Later: Ellen Makes It On TV

First, permit me to apologize for the delay in posting. The wife sent her computer out to be cleaned of viruses; a good thing to do.  She forgot to tell the tech that a wireless link to our hub was installed on … Continue reading

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