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Donald Trump boycotts Fox News Debate

Donald Trump, the leading Republican contender for nomination for President has announced that he will boycott the Republican Debate of Januray 28, 2016 to be hosted by Fox News.  He originally cited one Fox moderator, Megan Kelly, as being unfair … Continue reading

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El Chapo; Saturn’s Grip Applied Again

Half a year after his escape through a mile long tunnel built expressly for his escape, El Chapo was again in custody.  The planning, the bribes, the engineering, the work, the costs fo build that tunnel was incredible.  The stupidity … Continue reading

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El Chapo’s Escape & Capture

Experimenting with t/Moon-to-n/Mercury and t/Moon-to-n/Saturn Return and Advanced charts! Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman is the head of a Mexican Drug Cartel. He is both dangerous and a legend in his own mind.  He has a reputation for escaping from both … Continue reading

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Bomb, Bluff, Bombastic; Which?

January 6, 2016, Kim Jong Un announces that North Korea has tested a Hydrogen Bomb.  This claim is open to question.  A test was confirmed on this date at 10 AM in North Korea, 8:30 AM EST by seismic readings from … Continue reading

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