Comparison One: The 9-11 Attack

This will be the first of three posting comparing the use of 1) Solar Returns, 2) Moon-to-Sun Returns, and 3) Moon-to-Saturn/Pluto Returns relative to the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, New York City.  In the seven-or-more years of posts, I do not believe that a comparison of charting methods has been done very often.  Comparison ONE will be to look at a Solar Return to the Sun’s position on Nov. 7, 1982 when Saturn and Pluto conjoined.  I have used Saturn-Pluto as a symbol for terrorism.

9-11 attack photo-2

We need no photos to remind us of the extreme nature of that day’s event, yet we also need to take note of that day and the multi-dimensional response of the country to then and since then.  Much has now changed in the world.  The first set of charts are cast using RIYAL for Windows.  Illustrated instructions for downloading and using this software is available through the menu selections above.  RIYAL is used because it is the most accurate and flexible software available for Solar Returns.



The Saturn-Pluto conjunction occurred at 27:36 Libra.  The positions shown in this chart appear to be different.  RIYAL treats each ‘natal’ or source chart cast in the Tropical zodiac as if it is its own private ‘sidereal’ zodiac. The use of S/R charts for a later date are then precession corrected for the interval.  The mathematical rational can be reviewed in depth by going to RIYAL’s home page and examining the documents found there.  In this Solar Return, we can take note of the following:

  • Sun-Sun is in the 9th:  This is the house of foreign affairs.  The coming year, related to this Return and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction will totally change the U.S.’s view of foreign affairs.
  • t/Uranus-Asc. and n/Uranus-MC; This ‘doubling up’ of Uranus indicates a highly surprising years bringing a whole new outlook on the country’s place in the world.
  • t/Saturn-IC opposite n/Uranus-MC;  A persistent and limiting intrusion will bring new burdens to the country as it deals with surprising and changing goals and the image of the country.
  • n/Moon-Desc.; the normal rhythm of daily life will be changed by others.  This n/Moon-squares-n/Sun-n/Venus;  Intentions, life-style and harmony will be upset.
  • The CD (Co-Descendant) at 21 Virgo opposes t/Moon; The public response to upsets caused by others will be highly reactive.  The CD represents a ‘point of intrusion by others.’  The opposition-Moon is a push-back to that intrusion.
  • The Asc./MC midpoint is at 6 Capricorn; The S/R N.Node is opposite this point.  The Asc./MC midpoint is a chart’s “here and now” synthesis of the Asc./action and MC/intention-reputation.  The N.Node can represent “others” and how we relate to them.  The opposition suggests this will not be a smooth experience.

The CD point is determined by applying the Asc.-to-MC arc distance (70 degrees in this case) to the MC-towards-the-Desc.  This places the CD at 21 Virgo.  Any planet at this location places the chart’s MC at the midpoint of the CD and Ascendant.  One’s plans have to be adjusted to maintain one’s position and goals due to having to react to this intrusion. In this case the opposing Moon suggests a counter-reaction.

RIYAL SA-PL PDA 9-11-2001-J

This is the Sep. 11, 2001 Progressed Daily Angles chart (Sidereal astrologers call this a PSSR chart).  The charts angles have been advanced, proportionately against the year’s progression of some 450 degrees.  See the essay on the MC-Solar Cycle in the menu selection above.

On this memorable day, the following positions are noted in this chart.

  • s/Neptune-MC;  Deceit and despair are experienced on a national level.
  • t/Neptune-at-Asc./MC ‘here and now’ point at 7  Aquarius.  This ‘doubles-up’ the interpretive meaning of Neptune.
  • t/Mars-s/Mars in the 10th;  Again, a doubled up planet.  Mars, in this case.  We can choose to view this emphasized Mars-Neptune as a sneak attack if we want to narrow our interpretation to the day-at-hand.
  • t/Sun-Desc.  The focus is on one’s pride, intention, life-style, and all other things that the Sun represents.
  • t/Moon-t/N.Node-s/N.Node opposed Mars/Mars;  The Nodes represent associates and partners, the Moon their response.  The Mars/Mars is the attack on us, and the implied threats on others.  We can piece all of this together in any of several ways.  We might choose to say this represents ourselves and our friends/allies response to these attacks.

We all know this story and its immediate and long-term aftermath.  It is enough at this point to just take in the charts above and understand them.  Keep in mind that all is based on the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 1982.  The meaning of that 1982 chart was picked up in the first attempt to bomb the World Trade Center a decade later.  We are using the Sun of that chart as a basis for our use of this Solar Return chart.  The Sun therefore represents those who relate to terrorism and their intentions.  It is important to keep the chart’s meaning and basis in mind when interpreting this chart. 

A totally different chart is obtained if we chart the date and time of the first airplane striking the World Trade Center.  That is an event chart.  The charts in this posting are for an event related to the terror cycle as one expression of that terror cycle.













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