Betty Shelby: Bang. You Are Dead.

Betty Shelby photo-2The shooting.

We watched the video in the first blog.  We saw the vehicle stopped in the middle of the road, the driver walking about, the two police officers getting out of their cruiser and walking towards the driver and the vehicle.  We saw the driver go back to his drivers-side door, the officer still further back past the end of the vehicle.  We saw two other officers enter the picture.  Then we see the driver fall to the ground. 

At this point he appeared to have been shot.  The officers were still some 15 or 20 feet distant.  They had never been closer to the victim, the victim had not approached them.  With all that in mind, let us now look at Betty Shelby t/Moon-to-n/Sun Return for Sept. 13, 2016.


This is a 12th house Return chart.  It’s theme, taken from Personal Moon-to-Sun Returns 2, page 61, says in part, Shaping the future or helping others in their needs. Advocating for public service.  Volunteering or visiting those in solitude.  Wrapping up a joint endeavor with others.  Being in a recovery or treatment phase for one’s health.  Being isolated or working alone behind the scenes.  This generic statement is quite appropriate for most 12th house situations typical of daily life.  But, not for this unusual situation.  So, why put this up for review if it doesn’t apply in this strange case?  Because we can’t always trust “cookie-cutter” generic astrology.  So, what should we do here?  Let us go back to the chart and see how this t/Moon-n/Sun pattern is modified by other factors in the chart.  t/Moon-n/Sun squares n/Mars, opposes t/PoF. 

  • n/Sun-square-n/Mars:  We talked about the number of squares in Shelby’s natal chart and the struggle that she would likely have to deal with these challenges.
  • n/Sun-t/Moon-opp-t/PoF:  Others or another would present a situation where sudden change might create a reaction.
  • Playing astrological hopscotch, we jump from n/Mars to t/Mars-IC opposite n/Saturn-n/Moon-IC.  Another opposition pattern — there were no oppositions in the natal chart, no inner sense of balance or negotiation.  Here, taking command of a situation (Mars-MC) runs counter to the n/Saturn-n/Moon-IC pattern for being slow to react or to formulate plans in new situations.  That is the Moon, for you, very reactionary.
  • So continuing our hopscotching, consider n/PoF-t/Sun-t/Mercruy-Desc.:  Having a singular purpose and focus (Sun-Mercury) regarding another (Desc.), Shelby relies on her normal way of reacting to sudden change and situations that confront her with unexpected situations — she attacks.  Why?  Because we have t/Sun-square-t/Mars which fits with n/Sun-square-n/Mars.  With the Part of Fortune present in both the natal and transiting patterns, this is very upsetting and Officer Shelby goes into automatic training mode.  Ready-shoot-aim-think.  Oh, that didn’t work out right. 


So, this is how this cycle frames the mood and operation sense that Betty Shelby was in for this cycle.  Did other contentious things of this nature happen prior to the shooting date three days later?  We don’t know.  So, we will look next at the chart for Sept. 16th.


t/Moon-Asc-opp-t/Sun-t/PoF-Desc.:  The emotional, reactive t/Moon-at-the-Ascendant points to an excitability issue for this date.  Males (Sun) would appear confrontational (t/PoF-Desc.).  With t/Sun-square-t/Mars-n/N.Node, this built-in belligerence would be aligned with the chart.  Is it necessary that this be expressed in this way?  Consider that the t/PoF tightly squares n/Saturn-n/Moon.  This is a harsh pattern, short on support and long on distain. 

Technically, t/Venus-n/Uranus is in the 7th house, an angular house.  This t/Venus is in opposition to the t/Uranus, while the n/Venus squares the n/Uranus.  Again, an opposition pattern is something Shelby isn’t quite used to.  Having a “square” approach to an “opposition” pattern is a struggle.  Balance is not the operational word.  Struggle with a me-versus-you seems to result.

The driver, Mr. Crutcher, paid a terrible price for all of this inner turmoil.   This family man, not a perfect man, but a man making his way through life within his communityy, would never have the chance to prove to himself that he could reach his goals.

In the next posting we will look at the trial that resulted from this shooting.  Dave.












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